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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) empowers a business to rank higher in search engine results which helps in reaching a wider audience. Humans are inquisitive in nature and they search for answers all the time. This was made easier with the advent of technology and Google has become the go-to search engine for Billions of people all around the world. This can be achieved by understanding how Google search engine works and how it ranks websites. If businesses can learn to rank their websites on Google, then they can literally expect millions of visitors to their website with millions of opportunities to get leads and sales.

This course is in line with international curriculum standards. In this course, you will learn about what Google and Bing are, how search works, how do Search Engines rank websites, why Google is the ultimate search engine, what does it take to be a favorite in Google’s algorithm, how can you rank high for your targeted keywords, which tools and techniques do you need to outrank your competitors. In this course, you will also learn how to optimize your content and websites to rank high in those search engines, how to use tools to perform SEO, and how to run an SEO project successfully. The course is based on hands-on exercises with detailed video lectures, MCQs, and reference learning material for detailed review.

1 All About SEO

  • Introduction To SEO
  • What Are Search Engines
  • How Do Search Engines Works
  • Types Of SEO
  • SEO Vs SEM
  • How To Generate Profit From SEO

2 Basic of SEO

  • Overview Of Google Search Console
  • How To Create Sitemap
  • Understanding Of Robots.Txt
  • How Yoast SEO Plugin (In WordPress) Works
  • Hands-On Experience

3 Keyword Resarch

  • What Is Keyword Research
  • Types Of Keywords
  • Difference Between Primary And Secondary Keywords
  • Where To Place Keywords
  • How To Find Keyword Ideas Manually
  • Types Of Keyword Research Tools
  • Hands-On Experience

4 On Page SEO

  • Introduction To On Page SEO
  • Best Techniques To Write Title & Description (Meta Data)
  • Understanding Of Heading Tags
  • How To Make Paragraphs
  • Introduction To URL Optimization
  • How To Do Image Optimization
  • Introduction To Internal Links
  • How To Build External Links
  • Techniques Of SEO Friendly Blog Writing
  • Hands-On Experience

5 Technical SEO

  • Introduction To Google Search Console (Issues & Errors)
  • What Are Server Errors
  • How To Do Page Redirects
  • Ways To Fix Broken Links
  • Difference Between Http And Https
  • Hands-On Experience

6 Link Bulding (Off Page SEO)

  • Dofollow And Nofollow Backlinks
  • Difference Between Domain Authority (DA) And Page Authority (PA)
  • How Guest Posting Works
  • What Is Social Bookmarking
  • How To Do Article Submission
  • What Is Directory Submission
  • Understanding Of Competitor Backlink Strategy And POA (Plan Of Action)
  • Overview Of Link Explorer Tools
  • Hands-On Experience

7 Local SEO

  • Introduction To Local SEO
  • How Does Local SEO Work
  • Introduction To MAP Pack
  • Set Up A Google My Business Profile
  • Introduction To Optimize Your GMB Listing
  • Importance Of NAP Citations
  • How To Track MAP Pack Rankings
  • Effective Keywords Research For Local SEO
  • Difference Between Local SEO And On-Page SEO
  • Hands-On Experience

8 Google Analytics Brief

  • Introduction To GA-4
  • How GA-4 Works
  • Understanding Metrics In GA-4
  • Analyzing Data Like A PRO

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