Etsy Training

Etsy Training

Benefits with Boss Ur Self

Etsy Training

(Freelancer of Amazon Private Label, Wholesale, Google Ads, Freelancing Platforms)

Starting From

14 June 2023

Payment Plan

One Time


6 Weeks


Online & Onsite

Pakistani Students: 22,000 PKR

International Students: 150 USD

Class Timing: To be Mutually Decided with Students

Introducing a detailed Etsy Boot
Camp to run your business

Etsy Boot Camp is designed to provide you with a complete guideline and direction to become a successful entrepreneur on Etsy. Instead of exploring the Etsy business on your own with lots of failures, get enrolled in the upcoming batch. The product listing techniques, product sourcing, and utilization of tools will give you a step-by-step guide to establish and run the business as an expert Etsy businessman with 5-star ratings. This training camp is a chance for those who want world recognition.

Are you wondering whether to take an Etsy course? Perhaps you like the idea of selling your handmade items on etsy but you don’t know where to start, what to sell and most importantly, how do you get customers to your Etsy store?

If you have been thinking about starting on Etsy and are considering taking an Etsy course to hone your Etsy selling skills, then you have most certainly come to the right place!


Module Breakdown

Now…here’s something SUPER EXCITING that we have to share with you…

This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Boss Ur Self.

Module 1 Introduction to Etsy

  • Introduction To Ecommerce
  • Introduction To ETSY Market Place
  • Scope Of ETSY
  • Account Setup On ETSY
  • Documents Required For ETSY Account Creation From Pakistan
  • Requirement For WeBOC ID

Module 2 Product Hunting

  • Product Research Ideas
  • Using Tools And Other Websites How To Et Ideas
  • Introduction To Erank And Alura Tools
  • What Is Criteria To Hunt Winning Products On ETSY
  • Scope Of Hand Made Products On ETSY
  • Product Development

Module 3 Competitor Analysis & Soucing

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Introduction To Alibaba
  • Sourcing From Alibaba
  • Sourcing From Walmart, Amazon And AliExpress
  • Understanding ETSY Fee
  • Calculate Profit Margins On ETSY Via In House Built ETSY Calculator

Module 4 Keyword Research & Listing

  • Keyword Research On ETSY
  • Understanding Of Keywords Types Using Erank
  • Listing Building On ETSY Via Keyword Research
  • Introduction To ETSY Seller Account
  • Add Listing On ETSY Seller Central

Module 5 Ranking

  • How To Get Ranked On ETSY
  • Marketing On ETSY
  • Marketing Via Pinterest
  • Creating Coupons On ETSY
  • Setup Ads On ETSY

Module 6 Print on Demand

  • Introduction To POD (Print On Demand)
  • Introduction To Printful And Its Integration To ETSY
  • How To Listing For POD Products

Module 7 How to Offer Services for Etsy

  • Scope Of Services For ETSY
  • Offer Services To Freelancing Platforms
  • Introduction To Fiverr And Other Platforms

Ready To Take The First Step To A Successful Career?

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How can Boss Ur Self help me as a student?

Boss Ur Self offers a wide range of resources to help you excel academically, develop essential skills, explore career options, and enhance your personal growth. You can access articles, guides, and interactive tools that provide valuable insights, tips, and advice.