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About Us

Boss Ur Self: Strengthening Communities to Create a Brighter Future Together

At Boss Ur Self , our Mission is to empower individuals to take control of their lives and realize success on their terms. 

As one of the premier platforms in personal development and entrepreneurship, Boss Ur Self provides invaluable resources, courses, and tools that help unleash potential and create abundance.

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Our Mission

Boss Ur Self Empowering People with Professional Skills. We’re dedicated to nurturing personal growth and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.

From mindset mastery to goal setting, time management to financial literacy, our offerings are meticulously designed to equip you with comprehensive knowledge in a diverse array of subjects.

We pave the path for a brighter future, where dreams know no boundaries and success becomes a reality for all.

Empower You To Become Boss Ur Self.

At Boss Ur Self, we believe in the power of compassion and the incredible impact it can have on the lives of others. Our journey begins in the vibrant city of Sialkot, Pakistan, where an impressive trio of individuals—Nicole, Late Siddique Lal Deen, and Mark Almas—have united to create a wave of change that resonates far beyond borders.

Mark Almas

Mark Almas is a Canadian-Pakistani Businessman who embraces the richness of both cultures. He is the inspiration for giving and a symbol of inspiration’s transforming power, is now being introduced. Mark has grown up surrounded by legends of courage and kindness that have formed his family’s heritage as Lal Siddiqui’s grandson. Mark has accepted the duty to carry the flame they started and significantly impact the lives of others, with the guidance of Nicole and his grandfather’s spirits.

Transformation knows no limits, as Mark’s experience demonstrates. He brings his distinct perspective and unwavering commitment to the table, fueled by stories and beliefs that have been handed down through the years. He exerts significant effort to ensure the flame of charity continues to burn warmer than ever, merging his goals with Nicole’s unshakeable vision and carrying on the great job that has benefited so many.

Our goal at Boss Ur Self is to transform, inspire, and uplift. Nicole, Late Siddique Lal Deen, and Mark Almas have created a bond that cannot be broken, each sharing their special talents to build a world where kindness rules supreme and aspirations come true. We cordially welcome you to accompany us on this great journey, where you too can make a difference, regardless of your background or circumstances.

Explore our website, engage with our stories, and discover the power of compassion to transform lives. Together, let’s create a brighter future, each act of kindness separately.

Late Siddique Lal Deen (Head Master)

Late Siddique Lal Deen is a man whose life was forever transformed by Nicole’s vision. He availed tuition-free teaching privileges at Miss Nicole’s school while concurrently assuming the position of headmaster at a government institution in Sialkot. Additionally, he has been ardently managing an orphanage for boys in Parsora city, Sialkot, for the past two decades. Nicole allowed Late Siddique Lal Deen to observe directly the compassion’s transformative effect. Captivated by her unwavering dedication, he found his purpose in joining her noble cause and becoming a driving force for change.

Lal Siddiqui’s journey is a tale of inspiration, one that showcases the incredible impact a single individual can have on a community. With Nicole as his mentor, he dedicated himself to amplifying their shared vision, working relentlessly to uplift those in need and give them access to possibilities.

His constant dedication to social improvement has made him well-known in Sialkot and a representation of opportunity and hope.

Miss C.W. Nicole

Nicole, our source of inspiration, is truly incredible. She set out to help the poor, especially young girls looking for opportunities to succeed, with a heart overflowing with empathy. Scottish by birth, she was attracted to Sialkot’s charming streets, where she has spent years devoting herself to being the helping hand that many people need.

But Nicole’s incredible impact doesn’t stop there. She has made a significant a modification in the lifestyles of many people by inspiring hope and giving them the confidence to pursue their dreams with an unyielding determination and boundless passion. From providing access to quality education to ensuring access to vital healthcare, Nicole has become the catalyst for change, uplifting entire communities and creating a brighter future for all.

Boss Ur Self Is Committed to Your Success

Our focus at Boss Ur Self is dedicated to your success, and our customer support team stands ready to assist with every aspect of it, answering your inquiries and offering guidance along the way. Our passion lies in helping our entrepreneurs overcome challenges while staying motivated during their entrepreneurial journey and celebrating milestones.

At Boss Ur Self , we go beyond personal development platforms – we’re an entire community committed to personal and entrepreneurial development! 

By offering access to comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and interactive learning experience – Boss Ur Self gives individuals a platform to unlock their true potential while taking steps toward fulfilling lives of purpose and abundance. 

Join our ranks now, unlock your true potential & let’s lead ourselves toward success together!

Expert Guidance from Industry Leaders

Our team of industry professionals is conscious that learning from experts, successful entrepreneurs, and thought leaders is vital for personal and professional growth. 

Working closely together, we deliver top-tier content with expert advice relevant to today’s ever-evolving business climate.

Interactive Learning Experience

Learning should be fun and interactive, so our courses provide hands-on experiences combining theoretical knowledge with real-world exercises and case studies. 

You’ll have access to an engaged community traveling the same path, allowing for meaningful connections, collaborations, and growth.

Our Approach

We’re a company of brands to help people reach the highest level of achievement and create abundant life. We work side by side to bring your vision to life. Through our unwavering commitment to purpose, we aim to showcase how our model drives superior performance. With our workshops and coaching programs, we provide a roadmap for self transformation, guiding you towards a life that not only reflects your authentic self but also aligns harmoniously with your deepest passions and values.”

Expert Guidance from Industry Leaders

At Boss Ur Self , our experienced professional team is passionate about personal growth and dedicated to helping you flourish. Their vast knowledge includes psychology, coaching, leadership development, and mindfulness– allowing us to help guide our customers confidently through life’s trials with clarity and ease.

Our Community

Begin your journey of brilliance and kindness in our alluring community, where different perspectives come together to build an uplifting symphony of compassion and immeasurable opportunities.

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