Amazon FBA Wholesale

Amazon FBA Wholesale

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Amazon FBA Wholesale

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15 September 2023

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Pakistan Student: 45000 PKR

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Module Breakdown

Now…here’s something SUPER EXCITING that we have to share with you…

This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Boss Ur Self.

Launch yourself as a Wholesaler on Amazon. Amazon’s marketplace is one of the world’s largest retail platforms and the frontrunner in eCommerce. It’s also the perfect place to begin your successful online business. The Amazon FBA Wholesale course covers basics to advanced and expert-level training through detailed modules. The course aims to provide you with general FBA concepts, terminologies, training, and guidelines necessary to become successful on the platform as a Wholesaler.

This course will enable you to start your own Amazon Wholesale business or provide services to new and existing business. Join our course to capitalize on this opportunity and tap into the potential of ecommerce platforms. We provide the insights, strategies, and tools you need to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry. Start your journey towards entrepreneurial success today.

Module 1 Communication Skills

  • How To Communicate With Clients Efficiently
  • How To Present Yourself On Freelancing Platforms
  • How To Engage In Local And International Forums/Groups

Module 2 Presenting & Ethical Skills

  • How To Present Yourself In Front Of Clients
  • How To Prepare A Professional Presentation
  • What Should Be The Body Language While Presenting
  • How Should Be The Tone Adjusted In Presentations
  • How To Remain Ethical Being As A Freelancer
  • What Are Top 10 Factors To Follow Ethics

Module 3 Introduction to Amazon

  • Amazon Account Signup
  • Amazon Wholesale FBA Overview
  • Amazon Business Models Overview
  • Mindset Required
  • Learning About Seller Account Documentation And Registration
  • Registering Company In The US Or UK & Understand Tax Matters
  • Website & Taxation Discussion

Module 4 Basics of Amazon

  • Basics Of Amazon
  • Concepts Of Gated And Ungated Categories
  • Introduction To The Tools
  • Importance Of Good Communication With Suppliers

Module 5 Introduction to Tools

  • Practical Implementation Of The Tools
  • Database Making Process Using Excel
  • Searching The Brands And Suppliers
  • Fetching Information Of Brands And Suppliers

Module 6 Product Analysis Techniques

  • Reverse Sourcing
  • Suppliers Finding Using Directories & Google
  • Aggressive Distributor Research Strategy
  • Searching Through Google Map
  • Account Opening With Supplier
  • Contacting Suppliers Through Email

Module 7 Advanced Product Finding Strategies

  • Finding Products Through Trade Shows
  • Scanning Sheets To Find Products
  • Product Analysis Key Points
  • In Depth Keepa Graphical Analysis
  • Advanced Hunting Tools Introduction And Go Through

Module 8 Product Sourcing

  • Order Placing Live Exl
  • Contact Suppliers For Additional Discount
  • Communication
  • Emails And Calls
  • Building A Brand Awareness
  • Intro To Brand Exclusivity Techniques

Module 9 Amazon Shipments (FBA & FBM)

  • Your First Order With The Supplier
  • Creating FBA Shipments (Small / LTL Pallets)
  • Barcode / FNSKU Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Working With Large Orders And Price Negotiation
  • FBM Orders

Module 10 Amazon Interface and Profit Calculation Tools

  • Amazon Complete Interface
  • Amazon FBA Profit Calculation
  • Introduction To Seller Central
  • Creating And Managing FBA Shipments
  • Generating FNSKU And Shipping Labels
  • Adding Offers
  • Auto Pricing And Competition
  • Account
  • Seller Board Profit Tool
  • Hazmat Selling
  • Inventory Planning & Stock Management IPI
  • Child

Module 11 Brand Approvals

  • Linked In Profile
  • Brand Research Report
  • Zoom Meetings With Company Decision Makers
  • Advanced Brand Exclusivity Techniques

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