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Amazon Kindle Publishing

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Amazon Kindle Publishing

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05 June 2023

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Amazon Kindle Master
Class Module Breakdown

Are you an aspiring author looking to self-publish your book on Amazon Kindle? Look no further! Unlock the power of Kindle Direct Publishing. Join the ranks of successful self-published authors and get your copy today!

This course includes lifetime access so you can complete the course at your own speed. In this course for self-published authors, you will learn how to successfully publish your book on Amazon, through Kindle Direct Publishing.

1 Introduction to kindle direct Publishing

  • Basics Of Amazon And Self-Publishing
  • Overview Of KDP Book Publishing Process
  • Amazon Kindle Account Creation

2 Overview for KDP Account

  • Kindle Account Dashboard
  • Book Listing Creation (Single/Series)
  • Title, SubTitle, Description And Backend Keywords
  • Pen Names & Author Central Page
  • How To Upload New Books Under Same Author Name

3 Book Hunting for KDP

  • Paperback / Ebook / Hardcover – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Book Categories / Subcategories
  • Niche Research – How To Find A Profitable Niche
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Calculate Estimated Sales Of Competitor
  • Royalties / Profit Calculation
  • Setting List Price Of Your Book
  • Book Hunting Techniques / Tools
  • Getting Best Seller Badge From Amazon
  • Benchmarks Of BSRs And Actual Sales
  • Boss Ur Self Book Hunting Criteria

4 Book Planning, Creation & Designing

  • Book Planning
    • Overview Of Book Planning
    • ِImportant Dos & Don’t While Planning Your Book
    • Basic Guideline To Follow While Planning Your Book
    • Key Points To Avoid Book Rejections From Amazon
  • Book Creation
    • Overview Of Book Creation
    • Value Addition With Respect To Existing Competition
    • 7 Step Book Creation Process
    • Proofreading & Editing Process
    • Things You Must Know Before Approving Your Final Interior/Manuscript
  • Book Design And Formatting
    • Overview
    • Cover Design
    • How To Make Sure Your Book Has A Perfect Cover
    • Examples Of Good/Bad Cover Design
    • Book Interior Designing & Formatting
    • Examples Of Good & Bad Formatting
    • Learn The Importance Of Outsourcing Your Book

5 Book Kaunch, Promotion & Marketing

  • Overview Of Amazon SEO Ranking Factors
  • How To Position Your Book
  • Launch Plan For Multiple Markets
  • How To Get Reviews In Legitimate Ways
  • Kindle Discounted And FREE Promotions
  • Overview Of Amazon Ads
    • Breakdown Of Metrics
    • Manual Bidding Vs Automatic Campaign
    • Ads Placement
    • Split Testing
    • Sponsor Ads, Display Ads And Lock Screen Ads
    • Dynamic Bids And Adjusting Ad Bids
    • Advanced PPC Strategies
    • Strategies For Optimizing ACOS & High Profitability
  • Advance Book Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Additional Ways To Promote Your Books
  • Influencer Marketing & How To Monitor Its Effects

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