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Social Welfare

Social Welfare

The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable. But the power of many working together is better

Social welfare work is a crucial aspect of our mission, as we are committed to serving and uplifting the most vulnerable individuals worldwide. Our focus extends beyond providing immediate relief by targeting the underlying causes of poverty and empowering communities for long-term change. Through a comprehensive approach, Boss Ur Self addresses a wide range of issues, encompassing both short-term needs and tackling systemic challenges. By addressing poverty holistically, we strive to make a lasting impact and create sustainable solutions. Our work encompasses areas such as access to education, healthcare, employment opportunities, social inclusion, and community development. Through these efforts, we aim to uplift individuals, break the cycle of poverty, and create a brighter future for all.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”



The Greatest Sacrifice


Save Lives in the Blessed Land

Major Giving

Reach those in greatest need


Help families affected by the worst drought in 40 years


Donate emergency relief to victims

UK Projects

Save lives in this blessed land


Serve the Sacred Sanctuary


Supporting the people of Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen


Give essential bread to needy families in Syria and Yemen
Contributing to our charitable endeavors, you help foster a brighter world for future generations. Your donations – no matter the amount – directly make an impactful statement about hope in an otherwise complex world. Join us as we embark upon our mission of upholding meaningful causes while strengthening communities!
Partner with Us

At Boss Ur Self, we welcome opportunities to form partnerships and collaborate with like-minded organizations that share our mission of making an impactful contribution to society. If this interests you, reach out, and let’s see where possible collaborations may lead!

Join our efforts in shaping a better world! Together we can bring about positive transformation, strengthen communities and make a significant difference in the lives of those most in need of our support.

About Boss Ur Self

Our Programmes

Need Support?

Embracing the Promise of Children with Detained Parents


Unveiling the untapped ability of young minds in New Zealand with Incarcerated parents!


Empowering and nurturing the brilliant minds of tomorrow!


At Boss Ur Self, our dedicated volunteer mentors can contribute maximum hours each year, making a profound impact on the lives of those we support.


Paving the way to a brighter future for children from detained families through our transformative Intervention Program!

Give A Helping Hand
For Needy People

Use our simple tool to schedule your donations across the best ten days of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Donate to Boss Ur Self Supported Causes?

Donating to Boss Ur Self Supported Causes is a seamless process. Follow these steps to contribute:

  • Explore the list of causes we support and select the one that resonates with you.
  • Choose your preferred payment method from the diverse options available.
  • Complete the payment process securely and conveniently on our website.

Your contribution will directly support the cause you’ve chosen, making a meaningful impact.

Do I make donations tax Deductible through the Boss Ur Self platform?

Make a difference while enjoying tax benefits! When you donate to Boss Ur Self, your contributions are tax-deductible, and you’ll receive an official receipt. Stay connected with us through social media, email updates, and our charity page. Get inspired by success stories, stay informed about events we support, and witness the transformative power of your generosity. Join us in creating a brighter future!

Can I Suggest an Organization for Boss Ur Self Support?

Certainly! If there is a cause or organization that aligns with the mission of Boss Ur Self  and you believe it deserves support, we invite you to submit the details through our platform. We carefully consider each nomination we receive, taking into account its alignment with our mission and the potential impact we can make. Your submission will help us evaluate and determine if we should expand or reduce our reliance on that particular cause or organization. Thank you for your engagement and commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Together, we can create meaningful change!

How Can I Collaborate on An Initiative With Boss Ur Self, Charity Initiatives?

Absolutely! Collaboration is indeed key to creating a lasting and meaningful impact through charity initiatives. If you represent an organization or have an idea for one that aligns with our mission, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Let’s join forces and work together to bring about positive change in the world. Together, we can go beyond mere words and take concrete actions to drive transformation and make a real difference. Contact us and let’s embark on this journey of positive impact together!

Can I contribute in ways other than financial contributions?

At Boss Ur Self, we appreciate and value contributions beyond financial donations. We welcome your time, skills, and resources to support our initiatives. Please reach out to us to discuss various opportunities for involvement and how you can contribute in non-monetary ways. We believe in the power of collective efforts to drive positive change, and your support in any form is highly valued.